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Vermont Sports Images
Has changed our ordering system (Finally!)

You will now see a "Buy" link above each photo in the galleries. You no longer have to write down picture numbers (yeah!). Some benefits to the new system:

-We have reduced prices!!
-You can now order just one 4x6 if you want.
-Photo orders will ship quicker.
-You can now purchase the digital file!!

One "quirk" to the new system is when you attempt to purchase any photos uploaded in the past (Prior to Fall 2009) you will see a "warning" that the photo cannot be made into an 8x10 or bigger. THIS IS NOT TRUE.  The older photos were just uploaded at a small size but when the prints are made I will send the full resolution version to the lab to be printed. You can get ANY size from ANY photo on this web site. If it says you can't, EMAIL or Call me and I will take care of it.