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Games in RED have been photographed and will be uploaded soon...




WINTER 2023-24


FALL 2023






WINTER 2022-23


Meet at UVM 1/14/23


FALL 2022




WINTER 2021-22




FALL 2021




 WINTER 2020-21


No Photos Due to Covid


No Photos Due to Covid


FALL 2020

Winter 2019-20


At UVM 12/28
At UVM 12/14

FALL 2019



WINTER 2018-19


FALL 2018

 SPRING 2018




WINTER 2017-18


Dance State Championship
NVAC Cheerleading 2/3

In-game dance/cheer performances will be in that sports game gallery. Competitions will be listed here.  


  FALL 2017






WINTER 2016-17


Alpine at Cochrans 2/15


Fall 2016





WINTER 2015-16


FALL 2015

Colchester Powder Puff Football Juniors vs Seniors
Colchester Powder Puff Football Freshman vs Sophomores
D1 State Championship: CVU vs Rice Boys Soccer
D1 State Championship: CVU vs B&B Girls Soccer
D1 State Championship: CVU vs So Burlington Field Hockey
D1 State Championship: CVU vs Essex Boys Volleyball
D1 State Championship: CVU vs Essex Girls Volleyball
CVU at Colchester Girls Soccer Semifinals
Essex vs Lyndon Institute Girls Volleyball playoffs

Rice at So Burlington Boys Soccer Semifinals
MMU vs So Burlington Field Hockey Semifinals
MMU at So Burlington Boys Soccer Playoffs
Hockey- North Country Wild vs Vermont Shamrocks U19

Hockey- St Lawrence Thunder vs Vermont Shamrocks U16
Brattleboro at Colchester Girls Soccer Playoffs 10/20
So Burlington at Colchester JV Football 10/20
So Burlington at MMU girls Soccer 10/17

Spaulding at Colchester Girls Soccer 10/15
North Country at Colchester Girls Soccer 10/10
CVU at Essex Boys Soccer 10/10
MMU at Essex Field Hockey 10/10

So Burlington at Colchester Football 10/9
CVU at So Burlington Girls Soccer 10/8
MMU at Colchester Boys Soccer 10/8
MMU at Colchester Boys Soccer JV 10/8
BFA at So Burlington Football 10/3
Burlington at Colchester Girls Soccer 10/3
CVU at Colchester Football 10/2

Colchester at Burlington Boys Soccer 10/2
Colchester at Essex Girls Soccer 10/1
So Burlington at Colchester Field Hockey 9/28
So Burlington at Colchester JV Field Hockey 9/28
So Burlington at Colchester JV Girls Soccer 9/28
Burlington at MMU Football 9/26
Essex at So Burlington Girls Soccer 9/25
So Burlington at Colchester Boys Soccer 9/21
Middlebury at Colchester Football 9/18
Brattleboro at So Burlington Football 9/18

Colchester at So Burlington Girls Soccer 9/16
XC Running at Colchester 9/16
Rice at CVU Football 9/12
BFA at MMU Football 9/12
Mt Abe at So Burlington Girls Soccer 9/12
Mt Anthony at Colchester Football 9/11
St Johnsbury at Essex Football 9/11
XC at Essex Invites 9/5 (Photos on Hall-Potvin
Burlington at Rice Football 9/5
Rice at Essex Field Hockey 9/4
Rutland at Colchester Girls Soccer 9/4
CVU at So Burlington Football 9/4
Essex at Rice Girls Soccer 6/2
Rice vs CVU Boys Soccer 9/3
Essex vs Rutland Boys Soccer 9/3 
XC Class Races at Red Rocks 9/2 
Colchester at Essex Football 8/28
B&B at MMU Football 8/29

SPRING/Summer 2015

Essex Street Hockey 8/9/15
(Just 600 Photos from 4 games from 11:00-1:00)

Twin State Classic Vermont vs New Hampshire (Men)

Twin State Classic Vermont vs New Hampshire (Women)

D1 Baseball Final CVU vs Rice 6/13
D1 Baseball Semifinals So Burlington at CVU 6/9
D1 Baseball Semifinals Colchester at Rice 6/9
Track & Field State Championships
D1 Boys Tennis State Championships Essex-SB
D1 Girls Tennis State Championships CVU-SB
CVU at South Burlington Boys lacrosse Semifinals

MMU at So Burlington Baseball Quarterfinals
MMU at CVU Boys Lacrosse 5/29
So Burlington at CVU Girls lacrosse 5/29
BFA at Essex Softball 5/23
BFA at Essex Baseball 5/23
CVU at Milton Baseball 5/23
CVU at Milton Softball 5/23
Girls golf at Kwiniaska 5/22
So Burlington at Essex Girls Rugby 5/20
So Burlington at Essex Boys Rugby 5/20
Essex at So Burlington Boys Tennis 5/20
Colchester at Rice Girls Tennis 5/18
St Johnsbury at CVU Boys Lacrosse 5/15
Burlington at CVU Baseball 5/15
Essex,Rice,SB,CVU golf at Cedar Knoll 5/15
Essex at So Burlington Ultimate Frisbee 5/14

Essex at MMU Girls Lacrosse 5/13
Essex at Colchester Baseball 5/12
Essex at Colchester Softball 5/12
MMU at Colchester Boys Lacrosse 5/12
CVU, BFA, CHS golf at Lang Farm 5/8
Essex at Colchester Boys tennis 5/7
St Johnsbury at Colchester Softball 5/7
MMU at So Burlington Girls Lacrosse 7/6
Colchester at So Burlington Softball 5/5
Colchester at So Burlington Baseball 5/5
Burlington Invitational Track & Field 5/2
CVU at MMU Girls Tennis 5/1
CVU at MMU Girls Lacrosse 5/1
So Burlington at Burlington Girls Lacrosse 4/29
So Burlington at Burlington Baseball 4/28
Lamoille at Burlington Boys Lacrosse 4/28
Burlington at Essex Boys Tennis 4/28
Burlington at Colchester Girls Lax 4/27
Colchester at So Burlington Boys Lax 4/27
BFA at So Burlington Softball 4/25
BFA at So Burlington Baseball 4/25
MMU at Colchester Baseball 4/23
CVU at So Burlington Baseball (last 2 innings) 4/22

Track & Field at Essex 4/22
Colchester at Burlington Boys Lacrosse 4/21
Essex vs CVU at BHS Boys Lacrosse 4/11/15
MMU at So Burlington Boys Lacrosse 4/11/15


WINTER 2014-15

Dance / Cheer

ALL dance/Cheer will be in the GAME GALLERIES except specific competitions...

NVAC Competition Photos

"Frosty Footwork" at Colchester 1/10


FALL 2014

D 2 Final Rice vs Fair Haven Football 11/8
D1 Final: Essex vs So Burlington Boys soccer 11/1
D1 Final CVU vs Burlington Girls Soccer 11/1
D1 Final CVU vs Essex Field Hockey 11/1
Playoffs: Colchester at Middlebury Football 10/31
Playoffs: CVU at So Burlington Boys Soccer 10/29
Playoffs: Rutland vs CVU Field Hockey 10/28
Playoffs: Colchester at CVU Girls Soccer 10/28
Playoffs: Colchester at Essex Girls Soccer 10/24
Playoffs: BFA at Essex Football 10/24
Playoffs: Brattleboro at Colchester Boys Soccer 10/22
Playoffs: Middlebury at So Burlington Boys Soccer 10/22
Playoffs: Rice at MMU Girls Soccer 10/21
Playoffs: Colchester at MMU Field Hockey 10/21
Essex at So Burlington Football 10/18

CVU at MMU Boys Soccer 10/18
MMU at Colchester Football 10/17
CVU at MMU Girls Soccer 10/17
St Johnsbury at Colchester Girls Soccer 10/16
Milton at Rice Boys Soccer 10/16
So Burlington at Burlington Girls Soccer 10/8
Colchester at CVU Girls Soccer 10/8
Vermont Common at Essex Boys/Girls Volleyball 10/7
So Burlington at Colchester Field Hockey 10/6
BFA at Colchester Football 10/3
St Johnsbury at Rice Field Hockey 10/3
Vergennes at Rice Girls Soccer 10/3
CVU at So Burlington Boys Soccer 10/1
Burlington at Colchester Boys Soccer 10/1
CVU at MMU Field Hockey 9/30
Burlington at Colchester girls soccer 9/25
MMU at So Burlington Football 9/26
South Burlington at Colchester Boys Soccer 9/24
CVU at Burlington Boys Soccer 9/23
Varsity XC Running at St Albans 9/20
Essex at Colchester Football 9/19
Colchester at Essex Field Hockey 9/18
Essex at Colchester Girls Soccer 9/18
Essex at Colchester JV Girls Soccer 9/18
Essex at So Burlington Boys Soccer 9/17
Burlington at Essex Girls Soccer 9/13
CVU at Burlington Football 9/12
Brattleboro at So Burlington Football 9/12
Burlington at Essex Boys Soccer 9/12
CVU at Rice Girls Soccer 9/9
South Burlington at Colchester 9/5 Football
Rice vs CVU Boys Soccer 9/4
Colchester at So Burlington Girls Soccer JV 9/2
Colchester at CVU 8/30 Football
Middlebury at Essex 8/29 Football
So Burlington at Burlington 8/29 Football




WINTER 2013 - 14


D1 Final Rice vs MMU
D1 Semifinal MMU vs BBA
D1 Semifinal Rice vs BHS
Rice at MMU 2/20
MMU at Essex 2/18
So Burlington at Colchester 2/18
So Burlington at Colchester JV 2/18
St Johnsbury at Essex 2/13
CVU at So Burlington 2/13
CVU at So Burlington JV 2/13
St Johnsbury at Rice 2/10
So Burlington at Burlington 2/10
MMU at So Burlington 2/6
Colchester at Essex 1/31
Spaulding at So Burlington 1/31
Spaulding at So Burlington JV 1/31
CVU at Colchester 1/28
Essex at South Burlington 1/24
Rice at Colchester 1/24
North Country at So Burlington 1/23
Essex at Colchester 1/21
St Johnsbury at Burlington 1/16
Freshman- MMU at Essex 1/13
MMU at Rice 1/7
Freshman- MMU at Rice 1/7
Burlington at Rice 1/4
So Burlington at CVU 1/4
JV-So Burlington at CVU 1/4
Essex at MMU 1/3
So Burlington at MMU 12/27
Freshman: So Burl at MMU 12/27
Colchester at Burlington 12/19
Vergennes at So Burlington 12/19
Freshman: MMU at Milton 12/19

FALL 2013



Winter 2012 -13 


At UVM 1/5



Dance/Cheer photos will be mixed in with the game photos. They will generally be at halftime performances but there will be some mixed in randomly from throughout the game:
Colchester Dance at Halftime 2/7
Some EMS and EHS cheer mixed in here from 1/29
Some EHS and ADL cheer mixed in here from 1/28
FROSTY FOOTWORK at Colchester 1/19
Rice at Essex 1/10
Colchester at Essex 1/8

Burlington at Essex Boys Basketball 1/3




Boys Basketball

D1 Final: Rice vs MMU 3/8
D1 Semis: Brattleboro vs MMU

D1 Semis: Rice vs Rutland
Playoffs-Middlebury at Colchester 2/28

Colchester at Essex 2/23
Colchester at Essex JV 2/23
CVU at Essex 2/20
Burlington at Colchester 2/20
Burlington at Colchester JV 2/20
No Country at So Burlington 2/17
CVU at MMU 2/13
Freshman: Middlebury at SBHS 2/11
Colchester at So Burlington 2/6
Burlington at Essex 2/2

No Country at Colchester 2/2
St Johnsbury at Colchester 1/30

St Johnsbury at Colchester JV 1/30
Essex at Rice 1/23
Spaulding at So Burlington 1/20
MMU at So Burlington 1/13

MMU at So Burlington JV 1/13
Essex at Colchester 1/10
Essex at Colchester JV 1/10
Rice at Colchester 1/6

Rice at Colchester JV 1/6
CVU at So Burlington 12/27
CVU at So Burlington JV 12/27
BFA at Colchester 12/27
So Burlington at Colchester 12/23
MMU at Essex 12/23
MMU at Essex JV 12/23
Middlebury at So Burlington 12/17
Rice at MMU 12/13
Rice at MMU JV 12/13


at Essex 1/21

2011 FALL High School

2011 SPRING High School

2010-11 WINTER High School Sports...

Boys Hockey

D1 Finals Essex vs CVU
D2 Finals Stowe vs Middlebury
D1 Semis - BFA vs CVU

D1 Semis - Spaulding at Essex
Playoffs - Colchester at BFA

\Playoffs - So Burlington vs CVU
Playoffs - North Country at Essex
Playoffs- Missisquoi at Colchester
Playoffs- Rice at So Burlington
Colchester at So Burlington 2/16
Colchester at CVU 2/9

Hanover at South Burlington 2/9
MVU at Colchester 2/6
Lyndon at MMU 2/5
South Burlington at Essex 2/5
Rutland at Colchester 2/5
Rice at CVU 2/4
North Country at Essex 2/3
So Burlington at Rice 1/26
BFA at Colchester 1/26
Burlington at CVU 1/26

Harwood at So Burlington 1/22
Hartford at MMU 1/22
Spaulding at CVU 1/5
Rice at South Burlington 1/5
MMU vs MVU 12/28
So Burlington at Colchester 12/29

Essex at Colchester 12/22
CVU at Colchester 12/17
Burlington at Colchester 12/15
Spaulding at Colchester 12/8

2010 Fall High School

2010 SPRING High School


2009 Fall High School Sports

XC Running

NVAC Championships at MVU 10/24
(Boys Big school race and girls JV race)

XC at Mount Mansfield 10/16 (EVERY runner)

MVU at Colchester 10/6

2009 SPRING High School Sports


2008 - 2009 WINTER SPORTS


Boys Basketball

D2 Final: Vergennes vs Springfield
D1 Semis MAU vs BHS
D1 Semis Rutland vs Rice
Playoffs- CVU at Rice
Playoffs: Spaulding at So Burlington
Playoffs: Brattleboro at Essex
Colchester 7-8th championship game
Burlington at So Burlington 2/13
CVU at Essex 2/12
Rice at So Burlington 2/9
Essex at So Burlington 2/5
CVU at So Burlington 2/2
MMU at Colchester 1/26
Lyndon at U-32 1/21
So Burlington at Colchester 1/15

Burlington at Rice 1/12
Burlington at Rice JV 1/12

Colchester at So Burlington 1/9
Essex at Rice 1/7
North Country at Colchester 1/5
So Burlington at Essex 1/3

So Burlington at Essex JV 1/3
So Burlington at Burlington 12/30
Burlington at MMU 12/27/08
Milton at Colchester 12/27/08
Milton at Colchester JV 12/27/08
Colchester at BFA 12/19
St Jay at Essex JV 12/16
Rice at BHS 12/9
BHS at Essex 12/4
BHS at Essex JV 12/4

Girls Basketball

D2 Final: B&B vs Lamoille
D1 Final: Spaulding vs BFA
D1 Semis: BFA vs Rice
D1 Semis: Spaulding vs St Jay

Quarters: Rice vs MMU
Colchester 7-8th championship game
MMU at So Burl JV 2/20
Mt Abe at Colchester 2/20
BFA at Essex & Senior night 2/17

BFA at Essex JV 2/17
Vergennes at Colchester 2/10
Middlebury at Colchester 2/6
So Burlington at Colchester 2/3
Burlington at Essex 1/29
Burlington at Essex JV 1/29

Rice at Essex 1/16
Rice at Essex JV 1/16
Essex Youth Halftime Game 1/16
Spaulding at Essex 1/6
North Country at CVU 1/6
MMU at Milton 1/3
CVU at BFA 1/2

Burlington at So Burlington 12/30
Milton at Colchester 12/30
BFA vs Hartford 12/29

Brattleboro vs Essex 12/29
Lake Region at Colchester

St Jay at So Burlington 12/8
MMU at Essex 12/8

MVU at Colchester 1/27
CVU at Essex 1/27

Due to technical issues, these 2 games have been lost forever. Sorry.


Dance / Cheerleading

2009 State Cheer Championships

Frosty Footwork Dance Photos 

2009 Winter Heat Dance

All dance / Cheer photos will be in the game galleries that the dancers/cheerleaders performed at. Except for specific dance/cheer competitions.


2008-2009 High School FALL Sports

XC Running

There are over 700 photos from the BFA-Fairfax Relays! (10-7-2008) so be patient with the load time.
XC at Burlington 9/9

XC at Colchester 9/9

2007 - 2008 High School Spring Sports

Boys Lacrosse

D1 Final EHS vs CVU 6/16
Middlebury at CVU Semifinals
BFA at Essex Semifinals

So Burlington at Essex-Quarters
MMU at CVU - Quarters
CVU at Essex 5/28

Middlebury at Essex 5/21
7-8 Grade Colchester vs St Jay5/17

So Burlington at Burlington 5/17
Middlebury at Mount Mansfield 5/14
Vergennes at Colchester 5/14
Essex at CVU 5/5
Mt Abe at Colchester 4/30
Rutland at CVU 4/26
Essex at So Burlington 4/18
Essex at So Burlington JV 4/18

Girls Lacrosse

D1 Final MMU vs Midd 6/13
Mt Anthony at So Burlington 6/6

Essex at Burlington 6/4
Brattleboro at Essex 5/8

So Burlington at MMU 5/2
Rice at Essex 5/1
Essex at Burlington 4/15

Mt Anthony at So Burl 4/11


D1 Final EHS vs Hartford 6/16
CVU at So Burlington-Quarters
Burlington at CVU 6/5 Playoffs
Colchester at Rice 6/2
So Burlington at CVU 5/29

Essex at CVU 5/22
SBLL Orioles vs Royals 5/24
BFA at So Burlington 5/17
So Burlington at Burlington 5/15
Essex at Colchester 5/15

Essex at So Burlington 5/13
BFA at Essex 5/8
MVU at Colchester 5/6
Colchester at CVU 5/1
So Burlington at Colchester 4/24
Spaulding at CVU 4/22
MMU at Essex 4/22


D1 Final EHS vs Rutland 6/13
Missiquoi at Essex Semis
Middlebury at Colchester 6/5

Colchester at Rice 6/2
South Burlington at MMU 5/22

Essex at CVU 5/22
Lake Region at Essex JV 5/21
Essex at Colchester 5/15
Essex at So Burlington 5/13
BFA at Essex 5/8
MVU at Colchester 5/6
Colchester at CVU 5/1
So Burlington at Colchester 4/24
MMU at Essex 4/22

Track & Field

State Championships 6/7
Track Events
Field Events

Meet at Colchester 5/28

Middle School Meet at Essex 5/21

So Burlington, MMU at CVU 5/14

Burlington Invitational 5/3
There are TONS of photos so be patient with the load time. The Track and Field events are separated in different galleries.

Track Events
Field Events

Essex, Lamoille at Colchester 4/29
BFA at So Burlington 4/17
Colchester at Burlington 4/16


Girls Semis- SBHS vs BHS
Boys Semis- SBHS vs BHS
(Girls)Hartford at So Burlington 6/5
(Girls) Mt Anthony at Essex 6/4
Boys Individual State Championship

(Boys) CVU at Colchester 5/27
(Girls)Burlington at Colchester 5/15
So Burl at Colchester 5/13
(Girls) Colchester at So Burl 5/13
(Girls) Rice at Essex 5/8
(Boys) So Burl at Essex 5/5
(Girls) CVU at So Burlington 5/1
(Boys) Rice at Colchester 4/30
(Boys)MMU at So Burlington 4/17
(Girls)Essex at Colchester 4/16
(Girls)CVU at Essex 4/14/08


CHS,EHS,Milton,Spauld at Lang 5/8
Essex,CVU,BHS,St Jay @ Bolton 5/2


Mad River at Colchester 5/14

Rutland at Colchester 4/30

The photos on Vermont Sports Images are intended for the athletes, their families, the school and the teams to purchase.
If for any reason you do not want your photo on Vermont Sports Images, just email us the image number(s) and we will remove them.

2024 Colchester Graduation

2023 Colchester Graduation

2022 Colchester Graduation

2021 Colchester Graduation

2020 Colchester Graduation


( 8,001 PHOTOS!!! Every team multiple times)

 Also on this page are photos from the last TWELVE years of the Yamboree!! 





2021 Vt High School Bass Fishing State Championship

Past years Bass State Championship Photos




2019 Colchester Triathlon
2018 Colchester Triathlon
2017 Colchester Triathlon
2016 Colchester Triathlon

2015 Colchester Triathlon
2013 Colchester Triathlon


2019 Make-A-Wish Hockey

Skills Competition / Team Photos

Men's Game

Women's Game

2018 Make-A-Wish Hockey

Skills Competition / Team Photos
Men's Game
Women's Game
Shamrocks Youth Game

2019 Colchester Graduation (FREE DOWNLOADS)

2019 Colchester Prom Posed Photos

2019 Colchester Prom Photobooth Photos

Prom Photos are FREE to download

2019 Vt Sports Hall of Fame Ceremony

2018 Vt Sports Hall of Fame Ceremony

2017 Vt Sports Hall of Fame Ceremony

2019 Colchester High School Variety Night

2018 Colchester High School Variety Night


Bass Fishing Tournament (Weigh-In) 9/15


2018 11/12 Little League State Championship


2018 Stefan Pierson Memorial Tournament (Alumni Games)
FREE to download

MMU vs Essex (just last few minutes)
CVU vs South Burlington
Colchester vs CVU
Essex vs CVU 
Burlington vs South Burlington (Championship Game)

2018 Colchester Graduation (Free To Dowload)

2017 Colchester Graduation Photos (Free To Download)


  Essex Sting 3 v3 Street Hockey Tournament. 
These are FREE to download.


2017 Make A Wish Skills Contest


2017 Colchester Prom Posed Photos

2017 Colchester Prom Photobooth Strips


2017 Colchester Variety Night

Saturday- Soph/Juniors/Seniors/Awards

Friday- All classes


All the photos are now online. 
90 Games, 10,000 photos!

 We shot every game Friday, every game Sunday and about 80% of Saturday.


2016 Vermont Shamrock Fall Jamboree
(14 games and 3,900 Photos)

2016 Colchester HS Graduation


 2016 Colchester Posed Prom Photos
(FREE to download)


2016 Colchester Variety Night


New England Squirt Super Regional

Maine vs Vermont

Rhode Island vs Connecticut 1

New Hampshire vs Connecticut 2


2016 BAHA Mite Jamboree 
OVER 10,000 PHOTOS from the tournament! 

2015 NVAC Photos (Posed and Action)



2014 CHS Graduation

2015 Colchester Prom Photos

1st annual CHS Talent Show
These photos are set up for FREE downloading.


Youth Hockey
Vermont State Championship

U12 AA BAHA vs Essex
Bantam AA Essex vs Barre
Squirt AA Essex vs SASA
PeeWee AA Essex vs BAHA


All 2015 BAHA Mite Jamboree Photos are online!
65 games, 7,500 photos
2015 BAHA Mite Jamboree


All of the 2013 Essex Sting Yamboree photos are now online.
There are 8,000 total!

We rely a lot on word of mouth so please let other parents/coaches know these are available.

 Click here to view the 2013 Essex Yamboree Photos


Action and Posed Photos from the Devin & Jason McCourty football camp   

11-12 Little League State Final
Essex vs So Burlington

(Set up for Free download)

Vermont-New Hampshire
2013 Twin State Basketball
Men's Game
Women's Game
(The Twin State photos are set up for FREE downloading!)

The 2013 Colchester Triathlon Photos
(Download the full resolution digital files for only $1!!)


Colchester Graduation Photos

Over 1,100 photos total. Including 2-4 shots of every graduated receiving their diploma.
You can buy photos OR buy the digital file for .99 cents and do whatever you want with it!

Colchester Prom Photobooth Photos. ( FREE to download!)

Posed CHS Prom Photos

2013 Laker  Palooza Photos

2013 Colchester Yearbook Buddy Photos

2013 NVAC Cheer Action
2012 NVAC Cheer Action
2013 NVAC Cheer POSED
2012 NVAC Cheer Posed


2013 BAHA Mite Jamboree
2012 BAHA Mite Jamboree


BAHA Blue vs Milton

BAHA Red vs Middlebury

BAHA White vs CSB Red
CSB Black vs Essex White
BAHA Red vs Essex Red


Rutland White vs Bulldogs
UVHA #1 vs Milton
Rutland Black vs Northfield White
Malone vs BAHA Red
BAHA White vs Northfield Maroon
Malone vs Northfield White
UVHA #1 vs Missisquoi
Milton vs Middlebury
UVHA #2 vs CSB Red
LAYHA White vs Missisquoi
LAYHA Red vs Bulldogs
Milton vs Lyndon
Northfield Maroon vs BAHA Gold
UVHA #2 vs Middlebury
Malone vs BAHA Red


BAHA White vs Missisquoi

Bulldogs vs Rutland Black
UVHA #2 vs BAHA Red
LAYHA Red vs BAHA White
Northfield White vs BAHA Gold
Rutland White vs CSB
CSB Black vs Malone
Essex White vs Bulldogs
SEMIFINALS- Milton vs Middlebury
SEMIFINALS- Essex Red vs Missisquoi
SEMIFINALS- BAHA Red vs Rutland Black

Flag Wolverines at Halftime 9/8
You can download these Wolverine digital files for FREE!!!!

Devin McCourty football camp

2012 Colchester Triathlon



2011 Bobcat Mite Jamboree


Essex Blue vs BAHA U10
BAHA Knights vs CSB Red
BAHA Seahorses vs Milton Warriors
BAHA Knights vs Essex Blue
BAHA Seahorses vs CSB Red
Milton Warriors vs BAHA U10
SATURDAY GAMES 2/26 (coming soon)
CSB White vs Harwood
Essex White vs BAHA Lakers
Malone vs CSB Black
Northfield White vs Missisquoi
Northfield Maroon vs Middlebury Bengal
Middlebury Siberian vs CSB Black
BAHA Lakers vs Woodstock
Rutland Green vs CSB White
Rutland Black vs Malone
BAHA Black / Milton 2
BAHA White / Missiquoi
BAHA Yellow / Milton 1

(All Initiation together in one galley)
UVHA Storm vs Middlebury Bengal
Rutland Green vs Lyndon Black
Rutland Black vs Lyndon Red
Lamoille vs Northfield White
UVHA Storm vs Missisquoi
Lyndon Red vs Middlebury Siberian
Lyndon vs Essex Blue
Lamoille vs Woodstock
Northfield Maroon vs Lyndon Black
BAHA vs Essex Black
Lyndon vs Essex Silver
Essex Blue vs Milton
Essex Silver vs Milton
Essex Black vs Lyndon
Northfield White vs BAHA Lakers
Essex Blue vs UVHA Storm
BAHA U10 Lamoille
Lyndon vs BAHA Knight
Middlebury Siberian vs Essex White
CSB Black vs Missisquoi

Click here to see photos from last year:
2010 Bobcat Mite Jamboree

2012 Dance State Championships


2011 Little League All-Stars

Richmond vs Vergennes 9-10 All-Star softball 7/7
Richmond vs So Burlington 11-12 All-Stars

Richmond vs Center City 11-12 All-Stars
Colchester vs Center City 11-12 All-Stars
Colchester- Rays vs Angels 6/2

Colchester Triathlon Photos

There are 1,711 photos from the 2011 Triathlon. We are confident that we have photos of every participant. You can purchase photos or download the original digital file for $2.99 and use the digital file for whatever you want (make prints, put on facebook etc...)
Click Here To View The Photos

2011 Little League All-Stars

Richmond vs So Burlington 11-12 All-Stars
Richmond vs City Center 11-12 All-Stars
Colchester vs City Center 11-12 All-Stars
Colchester- Rays vs Angels 6/2

2011 Youth Lacrosse

U11 - Essex at Colchester Crash 6/2

2011 Youth Soccer

Addison United vs Queen City FC

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YOUTH SPORTS - Fall 2010

NVYFL Championship
Colchester Catamounts 12 St Albans 6

Colchester vs Essex 10/30

NVYFL Regular Season

Burlington at Colchester 10/23 (7-8 Playoffs)
Burlington at Colchester 10/23 (5-6)
Winooski at Essex 7/8 - 10/9(coming)

Milton NVYFL Jamboree
Remember...all games involving the CHARGERS, CATAMOUNTS and WOLVERINES, the downloads are FREE...
7-8 Chargers vs Catamounts
5-6 Broncos vs U-32
5-6 Chargers vs Lyndon
7-8 Catamounts vs Broncos
5-6 Catamounts vs Crimson Tide
7-8 Wolverines(purple) vs Bucs
7-8 Chargers vs Falcons

7-8 Steelers vs Chargers
7-8 Wolverines(gold) vs Bucs
 7-8 Bucs vs Dolphins

7-8 Catamounts vs Burlington
7-8 Catamounts vs U32

Summer Youth Sports 2010

11-12 All-Stars Richmond vs Charlotte
11-12 All-Stars South Burlington vs Mt Abe
Colchester Softball -Tigers vs Cardinals 6/13

Colchester- Rangers vs Rays 6/5
Colchester T-Ball- Tornados vs Lil Devils
AAA- Giants vs Marlins (Colchester) 5/24
Colchester Middle School vs Camels Hump 5/24
Minors- Softball- Orioles vs Cubs (Colchester) 5/23
Majors- Tigers vs Cardinals (Colchester) 5/23
SB Middle school vs Jericho Middle School 5/19

Winter Youth Sports 2009-10

2010 Green Mountain Open

2008 Green Mountain Open

Fall 2009

7/8 NVYFL Championship Game
Congratulations to The Chittenden East Wolverines - 2009 State Champions!

Colchester at So Burlington NVYFL 7-8 Quarterfinals 10/18

5-6 Gold Chargers vs Barre 9/25
7-8 Essex Chargers at Colchester Catamounts 8/29
Milton Jamboree
Catamounts vs Spartans
Wolverines vs Broncos
Chargers vs Wolverines
Chargers vs Wolverines
Catamounts vs Seahorses
Catamounts vs Spartans

Summer 2009

2009 Little League Baseball
11-12 State Final Game 2 Essex vs Brattleboro
11-12 State Final Game 1 Essex vs Brattleboro
\11-12 States Colchester vs Brattleboro
11-12 States Essex vs Brattleboro

District 1 Championship South Burlington vs Williston 9-10's
District 1 Championship Colchester vs So Burlington 11-12's 7/19
Richmond vs Burlington American 9-10 All-Stars 7/18
Colchester vs Charlotte 10-11 All-Stars 7/17
South Burlington vs Shelburne 11-12 All-Stars 7/17
Colchester vs South Burlington 11-12 All-Stars 7/15
South Burlington vs Shelburne 11-12 All-Stars 7/13

Colchester vs Burlington-American 11-12 All-Stars 7/13
Colchester vs Vergennes SOFTBALL 7/13
South Burlington vs Vergennes 11-12 All-Stars 7/12 
Colchester vs City Center 11-12 All-Stars 7/12
Essex Town vs Grand Isle 11-12 All-Stars 7/10
Richmond vs Shelburne 9-10 All-Stars 7/8
Colchester vs Vergennes 7/6
Richmond 9-10 All-Stars vs Mt Abe 7/2/09

South Burlington 11-12 All-Stars vs North Burlington 7/2/09
Colchester 11-12 All-Stars vs Mt Abe 7/2/09
Colchester 9-10 All-Stars vs Burlington-American 6/29/09

Colchester A-Minor 1 vs A-Minor 3 6/5
Colchester A- Minor 2 vs A-Minor 4
Colchester LL - T-Ball 8 vs T-Ball 3

Colchester LL- T-Ball 4 vs T-Ball 7
Colchester LL - Rays vs Mariners 5/29
Colchester LL - Softball Cardinals vs Cubs 5/21
Essex LL - Dodgers vs A's 5/2/09

St Albans vs Colchester 5/30

Nordic Cup Soccer Tournament.
2009 Nordic Cup Photos
2008 Nordic Cup Photos
2007 Nordic Cup Photos
2006 Nordic Cup Photos
2005 Nordic Cup Photos
2004 Nordic Cup Photos


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Green Mountain Glades

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2008 - 2009 GAMES
New Jersey Hitmen  vs Glades (EJHL) 11/24
Blades vs Glades 9/6
Stars vs Glades 9/7
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